Compliance Areas at MIT

Compliance Area Representative Issues
Admissions Affirmative Action; Protection of Student Information; Eligibility for Federal Funds
Asset Management/Endowment Endowment Spending; Tax-Exempt Requirements; Institutional Conflicts of Interest
Athletics NCAA Rules; Gender Equity; Liability for Injuries
Campus Safety & Security Crime Reporting; Policing and Law Enforcement Regulations; Emergency Preparedness
Disability Matters Access and Accommodations; Digital Accessibility
Donor Gifts and Fundraising Gift Acceptance; Restrictions on Spending; IRS Rules
Environmental Health and Safety Lab Safety; Chemical Use; Handling of Hazardous Materials; Radiation Protection; Waste Management; Building and Fire Codes; Workplace Safety; Nuclear Reactor
Facilities and Construction Licensing; Permitting; Building Inspections
Faculty Matters Faculty Appointments; Promotion; Tenure
Financial Aid Federal Funding Requirements Including Notifications and Disclosures; Awards & Disbursements
Financial Statements & Accounting Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
Governance Corporation Charter & Bylaws
Government Relations Lobbying; Non-Partisanship
Health and Medical Privacy of Health Care Information; Medicare Billing; Credentials of Clinicians; Pharmacy Regulations; State Reporting Requirements; Controlled Substances
Housing and Dining Services Food Handling & Storage; Public Health Inspections; Student Allergies; Reasonable Accommodations
Human Resources Non-Discrimination & Diversity; Recruiting; Hiring; Termination; Employee Benefits; Leave Policies; Wage & Hour (Fair Labor Standards Act); Labor Unions; Workers Compensation
Immigration - Faculty/Staff/ Student Visa Requirements; Eligibility for Employment
Information Technology Digital Accessibility; Account Privacy; Payment Card Industry Standards, Legally-Protected Information (Personally Identifiable Information, Health Information, Student Records)
Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Patents; Trademarks; Copyrights; License Agreements; Use of MIT Name
International Activities Anti-Bribery Laws including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; International Travel Policy; Application of International Laws
Minors on Campus Abuse/Neglect of Minors; Mandatory Reporting; Minors Working on Campus
Online Education Digital Accessibility
Privacy Student Records; Employee Medical Records and Protected Health Information; Personal Financial Information; Personally Identifiable Information
Radio Station Broadcast License; FCC Regulations
Research Human Subjects Research; Informed Consent; Humane Treatment of Animals; Research & Academic Misconduct; Export Controls; Conflicts of Interest; Research Administration Compliance
Sexual Misconduct Sexual Assault; Sexual Harassment; Stalking; Intimate Partner Violence
Student Activities Student Discipline; Alcohol & Drugs; Hazing; Residential Life Policies
Tax Tax-Exempt Issues; Bond/Debt Management; Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI); Tax Reporting Obligations; International Tax Issues